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Dr.Tee Mac Omatshola ISELI (MFR)
is Nigeria's multi-talented maestro flutist with cross-cultural Itsekiri and Swiss roots. Tee Mac combined his first degree in Economics from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, with a specialization in classical music concert performance and philharmonic composition University of Lausanne. During a rich career spanning over 40 years, Tee Mac formed numerous bands including Tee Mac & Afro Collection in the 1970s with notable Nigerian artists. He recorded his first LP United with Polydor International in Germany with his European band Tee Mac United, in the late seventies.
Tee Mac hit the global music charts with two songs Fly Robin Fly, and Get Up & Boogie (owes 50% of the copy right) and toured extensively with his third band Silver Convention in the mid seventies. He worked with celebrated Nigerian singer Shirley Bassey as her musical arranger & conductor and also worked as a composer for Cidi Croft Enterprise and later for Universal Films in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Even though Tee Mac spent a lot of time touring across the globe (Far East, Latin America, Europe, North America and South Africa), he always invested in local Nigerian initiatives, becoming one of the pioneers of the Classical Music Society of Nigeria which eventually founded the Muson Center, Nigeria's leading music school. In 2007 Tee Mac was elected President of the Musician Union of Nigeria PMAN, investing time and energy in to helping develop the Nigerian entertainment industry. In 2009 he was appointed the Nigerian director of the Motherland Group, (initiated by Michal Jackson's brother, Marlon, of the world famous Jackson 5) which is getting support from the Lagos State Government to build a Historical Slave Museum in Badagry. In 2000 he was elected Chairman of FAMECorp, owned by top Nigerian Musicians and Nollywood stars, to build Cinema houses and concert halls all over Nigeria. Tee Mac was awarded the Member of the Federal Republic (MFR) national honor by Nigeria's President Yar'adua in 2009 for his vital role in brokering peace with the Niger Delta militants and fighting for their rehabilitation. In 2011 he received an honorary doctorate degree in Arts from Bradley University in Illinois, where he serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and teaches philharmonic composition as visiting Associate Professor. Tee Mac is blessed with two sons a daughter and three grandchildren. Tee Mac invested into Solid Minerals (he is the Chairman of Allied Minerals Ltd., Cass-Cotan Mining and Processing Ltd. Director in Hemla-Ogoni Resources Ltd. Director in D&H Energy Nig. Ltd. and the West African representative of Daewoo & Hemla (Norway) Gas and Oil solutions.


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